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Foxton Wildfire Mitigation Tour

Join us for a tour of wildfire mitigation projects in action along Foxton Road.

We all know that wildfire is an inherent risk of living in our beautiful forested area. But, there are ways that we can prepare ourselves for wildfire and minimize the potential for catastrophic loss.

We will tour two neighborhood properties where forest management projects have already begun. Led by Max Erickson, a forester with the Colorado State Forest Service, the tour will include an overview of wildfire risk in the area, a demonstration of what it means to conduct wildfire mitigation projects on your property, as well as Q&A opportunities with technical leads at Elk Creek Fire Rescue and Denver Mountain Parks.

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1.3 Million Coloradans Depend on the Upper South Platte Watershed 

Watch this two minute video to understand the importance of the Upper South Platte Watershed and how landowners can help make a significant long-lasting impact.


Wildfire and Water Protection

The Upper South Platte watershed, in the foothills west of Denver, supplies 80% of the water for Denver’s 1.3 million residents. This same area is also at an extremely high risk for large and catastrophic wildfires – think of the Buffalo Creek Fire that burned 12,000 acres over two days or the Hayman Fire that burned over 135,000 acres.

Water infrastructure is choked by flowing debris after severe wildfires. The aftermath of the Hayman Fire alone lead to 27 million dollars in dredging reservoirs and other repairs. Today, Colorado is in a critical era of water protection and increased action is required.

Landowners and concerned residents like you can play a significant role in managing the impacts of wildfire. Contact us to learn about how you can help.

Did you know?

Catastrophic fires like Hayman and Buffalo Creek burn at such high temperatures that the soil is unable to absorb and filter rainwater, effectively sterilizing the landscape.
“We are all in this together. When we take steps to protect and enhance our forests, we all benefit, whether we live here, work here, play here or merely appreciate the beauty of this spectacular landscape and the creatures that inhabit it.”
Nancy Zorensky

Landowner, Jefferson County


The amount of land that is private and family-owned that supports a clean water supply for the West while being at high-risk for wildfire


Partnering with Local Forest Experts

The Upper South Platte Partnership is made up of organizations with significant expertise in all aspects of forest and wildfire management, including local fire protection districts, non-profits, local and State foresters, conservation organizations, and federal agencies.

By focusing on protecting communities, improving forest conditions, and improving wildfire response, the USPP is here to help landowners manage their land and positively impact their community, while protecting the Upper South Platte watershed for all.


Landscape resilience


Effective fire response


Fire-adapted communities